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Mickey Mantle baseball cards are among the most prized items of sports memorabilia collectors. Mantle's cards are considered to be more valuable than other modern era players' cards.

Why are Mickey Mantle cards so valuable?

First of all, The Mick's cards are highly perishable pieces of cardboard, many of which are over 50 years old. Most of them are worn or damaged in some way, and many have simply disappeared.

Also, Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest players who ever played the game. Some say he would have been the greatest, in all categories, if not for many injuries that considerably reduced his playing time. Mantle's statistics alone tell an impressive story, but he was also a player of great moments; mammoth home runs ? from both sides of the plate, clutch performances in several World Series, and more.
New York Yankees Logo Mantle also played for just one team his entire career, which was unusual even then. The fact that it was the New York Yankees during their dynasty of the 1950s adds to legend, & card values.
Mickey, who thought of himself as just a country boy from Commerce, Oklahoma, had great personal charisma. His actions on the field, where he always gave 100%, & his less-well-known generosity off the field, made him a near-heroic figure to his fans. Even those who weren't Yankee fans admired ?The Mick.? 1951 Bowman Mantle rookie card
Bowman 1951 rookie card ?
The Commerce Comet hits The Bigs

The question every kid asked in those days, when a friend showed off his cards, was ? ?Yeah, but do you have a Mickey Mantle card??

Mantle cards are worth more than ever

If you have pre-1968 baseball cards in good condition and you'd like to take advantage of their current value, contact a professional, experienced sports card dealer. He'll give you a fair, free price quote on your 1950s & '60s Mickey Mantle baseball cards.

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