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"I hated striking out,
but I always tried to kill
the ball. I wanted to
make it explode."

            Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle Stats

    Mickey Mantle's biography is much more than just stats on the back of a baseball card. He was a small-town farm boy who not only succeeded in the demanding baseball environment of New York City, but is arguably the most beloved Major League baseball player of all time. Mick played his entire career – 18 Major League seasons – with the New York Yankees. No surprise; who would trade Mickey Mantle??

Old Mickey Mantle Video batting righthanded New York Yankees
Yankee Superstar

    Considering the injuries he sustained – beginning in his rookie year – that reduced his playing time, Mickey Mantle accumulated some impressive stats!

Mantle blasts a homer
1961 Topps Thrill card #406 commemorates The Mick's
  565-foot home run.

Mickey Mantle Career Stats                      

        Mickey Mantle was a true superstar player whose tremendous offensive skills were equaled by his swift defensive play in centerfield.
  • 3-time American League Most Valuable Player (A.L. MVP)
  • Won the rare Triple Crown in 1956 (hasn't been won since 1967!)
  • .990 or better fielding percentage 6 times; Gold Glove in 1962
  • A.L. home run leader 4 times
  • A.L. run leader 6 times
  • Appeared in every year's All Star game 1952-1968, except 1966
1961 Topps Special Mantle homers twice
1961 Topps Special #307 - Mickey homers twice in Game 2 (& bats .400!) in the 1960 World Series.

Mickey Mantle World Series Stats

        Mick was the type of player who really rose to challenging situations, as his post-season statistics show. Stats marked with ‘*still stand as World Series records
  • Led Yankees to 12 American League pennants and 7 World Series championships (in 12 Series)
  • HOME RUNS - 18*   |   RBI - 40*   |   RUNS - 42*   |   WALKS - 43*
      |   TOTAL BASES - 123*

Mick makes the ball go BOOM!
1965 Topps Special #134
Mick's cards are more popular than any other player's. There are cards that are rarer or more valuable, but no demand is greater than that for Mickey Mantle baseball cards.


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