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Mickey Mantle Cards of the 1950s

Another reason Mickey Mantle baseball cards are so valuable is that his career began and flourished at the same time baseball trading cards became very popular. Mickey entered major league baseball in 1951 at the age of 19, after a brief stint in the minors. Although his true rookie card is the 1951 Bowman, the 1952 Topps card is considered by most baseball card collectors to be the most desirable card of all modern trading cards. The 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantle card is also highly prized. You can see these cards on the Home Page, or click the links above for larger views.

Topps 1953

1953 Bowman
1953 Stahl Meyer mick mantel card
1953 Stahl Meyer
1954 Bowman mickie mantle card
1954 Bowman

The two major trading card companies – Topps® and Bowman® – were in competition with each other for the same baseball card collectors. During 1954 & 1955, Bowman obtained an exclusive baseball card contract with Mickey, so there were no Topps cards during those years. Topps solved this problem by buying the Bowman company.

1955 Bowman micky mantle
1955 Bowman
1956 Topps mickey mantle card
1956 Topps

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1954 red heart miky mantle card
1954 Red Heart
1957 Topps mickey mantel
1957 Topps
1958 Topps mickey mantle card
1958 Topps
1959 Topps micky mantel card
1959 Topps